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February 25, 2018

Mission Statement:
GSAFE is a Greensboro-based organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA youth.


  • To provide LGBTQIA resources for youth and parents/teachers to foster resiliency and address oppression
  • To promote education within Guilford County schools about LGBTQIA topics
  • To provide our communities with information to better recognize the accomplishments/needs of LGBTQIA youth

Purpose Statement:
To support LGBTQIA youth, this group aims to:

  • Foster environments where all youth can express their gender and sexual identities
  • Promote understanding and education about LGBTQIA topics for Guilford County youth/teachers/parents
  • Work in coalition with other organizations, communities, and individuals to publicize and address policy that impact LGBTQIA youth

GSAFE ByLaws (2.3MB pdf) read

GSAFE Articles of Incorporation (15KB pdf) read